Monday, June 13, 2011

To My Beloved

My Beloved! my Savior, my Sacrifice, my Supplier, my Daddy, my All, my Life. Unto you I dedicate this blog. May the words I write be written according to your glorious truth. May they be used to encourage your saints and bring glory to your name. Keep my hands from writing for my own ambition and gain.  You are exceeding greater then we can comprehend! Nothing is too great for your power and nothing is too small for your love. Oh would you grant us believing hearts! May not one drop of your precious blood be waisted for you are more then worthy to receive the reward of your suffering. To you my Mighty Man! To you my Jewel of great price! To you my Beloved!


  1. Yes Amen! Thank you for writing a blog... I can't wait to be able to read more! :)

    ~Harmony Bird

  2. Looking forward to this!!!